Saxophone   Leave a comment

Ethan just started playing Sax in band at school.  He is getting better but he has some work to do…it takes A LOT of air to play the sax…

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Daddy Daughter Dance!   1 comment

What a cute couple!


The wristlet corsage


They had a great time- dinner at Gen Ho, then conga line, chicken dance and all!


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My Baby is Eight!   Leave a comment

Emma Claire turned 8 on Friday!  Four houses and three states later she is eight!! What a beautiful and confident girl she has grown into!

On her way to school wearing the special birthday t-shirt that she decorated on the first day of school. This is in place of birthday treats. All of her classmates signed it on her birthday! She also got a special "Happy Birthday" from Ozzy, the Kane County Cougar, who was at school on Friday because Heartland won the Geneva Food Drive Contest!

Singing Happy Birthday after eating out at Gen Hoe, a delicious Chinese restaurant in Geneva, that Emma picked. We were thrilled with her choice this year (maybe no more Chuck E Cheese?!). Ethan was truly so excited for his sister's birthday.

Opening the gift that Ethan got her. She ALWAYS likes his gift best. This year...a stuffed animal that can be decorated with markers, washed and decorated again. We've washed it twice already!

On Saturday, preparing for her Medieval Times party, having Gen Hoe leftovers for lunch. She wore the rollers all day in preparation!

Stephanie, Emma and Kenner on the way to Medieval Times. Such cute girls!

All seated and waiting for the meal and show to start! Their food is surprisingly delicious.

The boys...

It's always an entertaining show, but unfortunately our Yellow Knight didn't win.

Dance party in the car on the way home!

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I mean really…   Leave a comment

…does it get any better than this for a bunch of Pre-K-5th graders…

This was on Memorial Day.

The "slip 'n slide" is a large sign that our neighbor got from the company he works for, it worked perfect!


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Playin’ in the Rain   Leave a comment

I’m not sure if anything is better to a kid than playing in the rain…(click on the photos to enlarge and you can see the raindrops)

This was May 11th, they were playing in the sprinklers when the downpour started.

I love every expression! Ethan, Emma, Emily, Eion...apparently your name must start with E to be invited to this party!...

What a shot!

Oh the joy! To be a kid again...

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Happy Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

Better late than never right?

We had Mother's Day brunch with the whole McKenna side at Fioria's in Geneva. It was a beautiful day!

Grandma-the-Great and Ethan before lunch...

And Ethan after lunch with a chocolate and caramel covered pretzel rod from Grahams!

He has a sweet tooth...and sweet in many other ways too!

This was taken after Emma's dance recital this Spring....Bryan's mom, Linda, Emma, my mom, Cindy and me.

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Kim’s Surprise 50th!   Leave a comment

I don’t think I mentioned it in the last post but we were a big part of helping our neighbor Bruce throw a huge surprise 50th birthday party for his wife, Kim.  It was a success and she was completely shocked!!

We had just returned from a relaxing day at the Harrington Inn Spa to 80 of Kim's closest friends from as far as PA and OH!

What a sweet couple and great neighbors.

Emma (in yellow) and Bruce rocking out with the band! On the opposite end of the spectrum Ethan thought it was too loud and stayed in his room till the band was done!

Should I be worried?!

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